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Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

For the last episode of 2019, I decided to do something a little different. This is a collective reading of the energies we're leaving behind in 2019 and the energies we're moving into in 2020. I invite you to notice any messages or intuitive hits specifically for you as you receive this reading.

In the episode, I mention my upcoming course, The Powerfully Sensitive Program. I designed this program to help highly sensitive women & empaths shift from overwhelm to empowerment. We begin on Feb 1, 2020.

You can also close out the year and prepare for 2020 with an Akashic Records Reading or Sacred Soul Work Reading.

As always, thank you for listening and for being here! Please leave a rating or review if you feel called to do so, as this helps the podcast reach a wider audience.

Keep doing your inner work, and see you next year!


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